05 April 2014

Hello sweet baby!

on march 24, 2014, we welcomed our little baby boy luke mastrianna into our family! he was born here in santa cruz and weighed in at 6 lbs, 9 oz, 20 1/2 inches long. we are so in love! i didn't realize how quickly that love rushes in! ..i also didn't realize how quickly those diapers get filled with poop ;) 

we are all recovering well and adjusting to life with luke here at home. of course, we are also barely sleeping (wish i would've heeded that advice more vigilantly!) but in our tired stupor, we can't believe how much joy his life brings us already. can't wait to share more!

22 March 2014

my pregnancy beauty lifesavers

i truly have loved being pregnant, and in the practice of not complaining about it, i thought i'd share some of the lifesavers that have made it a little easier on us all (yes, us!). and, i was totally inspired by miss katie! in general, i'm a very au naturale sort of person, i do not have a large amount of beauty products in my cabinets—i think i could live with one or two if i was forced! thankfully i don't have to!

1. burts bees mama oil: this one gets to go first because i'm absolutely addicted to this stuff. the smell is delicious and not overbearing, it's not a heavy product so the oil soaks in nicely without leaving a funky layer on. i use it on my hands, belly, feet and cuticles too!

2. clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion: my favorite face lotion. i use it all over and it's even gentle enough to use as makeup remover (on the eyes too). there's no strong scent and no funny residue.

3. origins grapefruit body souffle: a wonderful family member always sets me up with the origins' gift packs  each christmastime and this lotion continues to blow me away. it's really like a souffle, soft, silky, light but with a gentle, wonderful scent. a little pricey so once i run out, i'm back on the aveeno bandwagon, but meanwhile, this stuff is where it's at!

4. aromatherapy sugar scrub: i am a sugar scrub gal. i have tried them all. salt scrub, bead scrubs, seed scrubs and sugar. i have finally landed with sugar. and after spending many a dollar on brands i thought would blow my world, the one that continues to win in the end is from bath & body works, believe it or not! i love the vanilla lavender combo and it scrubs nicely and always leaves me moisturized. i use this on my arms, elbows, belly (for now) and my legs after i shave (it's a dream i tell you). for the record, in my opinion, this scrub tops (and i've tried all of these): sabon, origins, the body shop, alba, st. ives and burts. yup!

5. aloe gator lip balm: i've been using this brand of lip balm since i was 14 (so about 13 years now! how's that for brand loyalty?!). it's extreeeemely moisturizing meaning you don't have to coat it on over-and-over on your lips (but not waxy), just a few quick swipes and you're set. the tropical scents are in-credible, but the rest are as well. they really win in the scent department. oh yes, and spf. win.

6. neosporin! to me, neosporin is like the duct-tape of the beauty/medical world! i use it for everything! and the pain relief edition..even better. hang nail? neosporin. blemish? neosporin. cut? neosporin. dry patch? neosporin. it's like a cross between my favorite facial lotion and vaseline, but heals things up quickly. i don't know what i'd do without my multiple tubes of it.

what are some of your beauty lifesavers?

21 March 2014

Baby Luke's room

i've posted a few pics of luke's room on instagram but thought i'd some of it all here too. there are many finishing touches i'm still hoping to make, but heck if i'm making another ikea run at this point :) i've been drawn to blues, greens, greys, neutrals and natural fibers for the room.. i'm hoping for a large area rug and wall art bring the extra pop i'm craving. we're looking for a luscious rug (i like this one, this onethis one at the moment).

we've also many a picture to hang. i'm still toying around with the wall (above the crib area). i've got a few pieces to hang already (some paintings i love love love below by my mom!), but still figuring out what to do with the rest of it. the wall is so huge (huge i say!) and i've still got to figure out how i want to shelve/arrange/etc the whole thing. suggestions welcome (right now it's grey)!

  a mix of handmade blankets and a quilt from land of nod that i love! and cute little animals below :)
these baskets are all over his room, for blankets, laundry, toys, etc. love them!
from a friend, not real but still hugely thoughtful as james looooves the dodgers

and the paintings by my maja. love them! i gave her a few watercolor pieces i saw as a start place (from restoration hardware i think..) with animals walking in one direction. but she took it and ran and made it way better! i love that it's fully her style (i'd recognize it anywhere!) and her personalization. super special. she had them framed and matted to boot. love it. nothing really tops those personal touches in my opinion.

ok luke...come fill your little room with all your sweet baby smells** and cries and giggles already!

**well...the not-so-sweet baby smells too, but i won't put that in large text. because i've officially mentioned all the passing of the bodily functions in my last three posts. lucky you.