Simple Everyday Tech Advice

It’s 2014 and we live in a world completely immersed in and surrounded by technology. Being able to handle and more importantly, get the best out of your technology is one of the most important life hacks of our generation. A lot of forums and sites might provide you with some decent tips and tricks but sometimes they can be confusing and irrelevant. Below is some great tech advice that applies to everyone, with any kind of device. If you are just looking to make your technological life a little easier and perhaps cheaper and more environmentally friendly, check out this list. It applies to anyone and everyone who is navigating the technological world. If you have a laptop, smart phone or tablet, you can take some of this great advice and apply it to your life.

Here is a list of good tech advice;

  1. Maximise the battery life on your smart phone!

Everyone has a smart phone these days and we are constantly using them on the go. This means that the battery gets used up super-fast which can be so frustrating when you are out and about. Make sure to get the most out of your phone by minimising battery use.

  1. Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth when you are not using it
  2. Turn off apps that are constantly syncing
  3. Turn down brightness
  4. Turn off GPS
  5. Uninstall apps you don’t use as well as animated wallpapers
  6. Use a task manager so you know what is running and can disable it
  1. Protect your data!

There are many ways in which your information could become public and the internet can be a dangerous place.

  1. Always remember to empty your computer’s recycle bin so that those files are gone from your computer forever.
  2.  Put a lock on any document or folder you don’t want to be accessed by anyone other than you.
  3. Use complicated passwords with a variety of letters, cases, numbers and symbols. Try to stay away from basic information about yourself.
  4. Use a password safe to store all your passwords; if they are complicated you might forget.
  1. Get an SSD!

An SSD is a Solid State Drive that comes with a lot of modern laptops and computers. It is fast and efficient and great for productivity. The benefits of and SSD are;

  1. Very fast in both start up and program running
  2. No noise or heat
  3. Longer battery life for laptops
  4. Higher file transfer rates
  1. Learn keyboard shortcuts.

Knowing some decent keyboard shortcuts can save you so much time. Using any search engine look for “keyboard shortcuts”. Here are a few for Microsoft Word:

  1. CTRL C = copy
  2. CTRL K = create hyperlink
  3. CTRL Z = undo last thing
  4. CTRL F = find in document
  1. Back up everything!

This applies to phones, computers and tablets. Losing all of your documents and important family photos is an absolute worst nightmare so it is really important to keep a back-up of everything. One of the best ways is to get an external hard drive because it is big enough to keep all of your stuff on. You can also use a USB for smaller amounts. For files and photos, sites like Google Drive or Dropbox are excellent and very useful and safe.