05 September 2011


hi. we're james and casey! 
welcome to our blog. 

james and i met while serving as interns in our church in 2006, where we became best friends and fell in love. wmarried in the spring of 2010 and started this blog. and now we're expecting a little one to add to the mix in march, 2014. we live in my hometown of santa cruz and are high school pastors at the church where we met. below are some other fun facts!

is handsome
amazing story teller
loves his beard and funyuns
lover of russell crowe movies
the most incredible stat guy ever
enjoys the symphony
a true gentleman
from orange county

born to be on the beach
nineteenth century british lit junkie
enjoys croissants and baking
loves to write
big cities and little farms
prefer to be in water or something like it
former swim teacher
lakers lover and thinks museums are the best

❤ ❤ ❤