14 February 2012

happy heart day

my valentine craft this year :)
things i love:

i love my husband.
and that he always makes me laugh the hardest out of anybody
and how he's always willing to learn
and how he's a really amazing friend

i love my family
and how much bigger it got last year
and what incredible chefs they happen to be..
and how dynamic they all are
and how they never fail to make me smile!
and how if for some reason I need to call mom at 4am, she wouldn't bat an eye.

love my church
and how everybody keeps on growing
and becoming way more lovely and incredible all the time

love my truck
ok wait. i don't.
but i love that it takes us places.
{most of the time}

love my friends
cause they are the best around
and they stick like glue

love Jesus
cause He just keeps not giving up on me
and teaching me how to be a better me
for me, my hub, family and the youth

love our home
and that we eat a lot of ice cream in it
and that we can hear the ocean at night
and that the best time to be in it is when it's rainy

and i love love even though sometimes {most times} it's a little messy, a little gushy, a lot devoted. it always brings out the best in people and allows us to be the more beautiful people were supposed to be! 


  1. many awesome things to love this day! and it isn't just for couples, it is just a day to be thankful for all the love in your life. in my home we eat a lot of ice cream too last night it was cupcakes at a local bakery and they were just delicious!

    1. So true!! OoO love the wealth of treats in our households :) That's the way it should be!

  2. So many things to love! Beautiful post :)

  3. happy val day my lovey xoxo i hope you have a fantastic day!