09 January 2013

a couple of narcissistic observations

do you have a "side"? honestly, i thought the idea of knowing which "side" is your "side" was absolutely ridiculous...absurd even!! then i met my husband, and still felt that way. but then it happened. the first time he readjusted our placement in a picture switching spots with me rather quickly + abrasively. i gawked/laughed/scoffed-a-little even, but eventually giggled it off. what in the heck does he mean he has a side?!?! is this something that everybody knows about themselves? is he just absurdly ridiculous to have a side??

i know now that he is a little bit kidding, but he's a little bit serious. he does have a side, and it's oh so good my friends. the beard grows nicely on that patch of face and husband-manly-like sparkles float off of his cheeks and star his pupils; handsome is that side of his. at least i think it's something like that. and here i am. no side knowledge. absolutely clueless and having no comprehension of whether or not sparkles flash and bubble on this side or that!! amateur!

(this is me getting to the point) and this only came up because i wanted to write you a post about my sense of smell, and don't worry, it gets more pathetic. as i snapped a few photos of myself (thank you nat the fat rat for having already so appropriately named these sorts of activities with the generous label of "exercises in narcissism"). so there i was exercising narcissistically trying to take a picture of my nose, no less! and then it hits me...

I HAVE A SIDE! it's the right one!! which totally makes sense because my left eye is a little lazier which makes the left side of the face a tad unexercised, which i assume means the right is much more active, and therefore, the curl of my little hairs on that side of my face are more complementary. obviously?? on the other hand, it's all a little ridiculous. (are you still with me?) 
because i'm about to get to the point, which is: my highly sensitive sense of smell!!!

it's crazy people, my sense of smell. and my poor husband..he can't escape it! it catches the most minutiae of pungent aromas. it picks up on years 'old odors (it really does!). within moments of encountering a person, it can determine what said person has consumed or perfumed with ease. did you enjoy some baklava? i already know! did you partake in some paprika? that one's easy! perhaps you sipped a glass of this or a cup of that?? your slurp precedes you! that's how crazy this schnoz is.

when paleo coworkers cook up their paleo meals in our break-room i am in a state of naseau for a little too long. when loverman comes back from the gym, he is required to "handle" his gym clothes in a certain manner within a certain amount of time...this can appear demanding. however..chocolate chip cookies are a whole new ball game. christmas tree pine is a cornucopia of beauty within the walls of my nostrils. and that salty ocean air? oh so consuming. the few, the proud, the smellers.

people...friends..dear ones, thank you for making your way through this odd tangent of my life. does your sense of smell frustrate/amaze you also? or cause you to dedicate entire posts to it..?

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